Perhaps the Last Post of 2008

  • Susan Ford
  • December 31, 2008
  • …but I have the entire night to reflect and so maybe it won’t be the last post of 2008. Earlier today I shared the following over at Antique Mommy’s blog in response to her question about what would we remember about this Christmas. I will remember this Christmas with a slightly sad yet grateful heart. […]

    The First Decision of the new year, or the last decision of this year!

  • Susan Ford
  • 1 Comment
  • December 30, 2008
  • Given where we now live, going to NYC for the big crystal ball drop is probably not going to happen. Although this New Year’s Eve, I am told that NYC is bringing in the coolest portable toilets! But I digress- here in the south we do things just a little differently. I must decide whether […]

    Christmas Past…

  • Susan Ford
  • December 6, 2008
  • It was the Christmas of 1950 in a tiny third floor tenement apartment in Pawtucket, Rhode Island. This was my first Christmas with Thelma, my then twenty something-single-mother. We had just come home from Plymouth, New Hampshire, where I was born in less than auspicious circumstances, in a hospital which has since been torn down, […]