A Season of Preparation…

  • Susan Ford
  • November 11, 2017
  • The weather has, at last, turned colder in Eastern, North Carolina. Today we built a real wood fire in the fireplace and burned candles for accent. Many places have already decorated for Christmas and advertising holiday specials abound.  The Christmas decorations will be placed about the house, but not a minute before Thanksgiving is over! It is just what we do. Basking in the season of Thankfulness for as long as we can.  Long before the decorations are placed, I want to prepare my heart and mind for the season.  Last week a dear friend sent me a new book of Advent and Christmas poems, and readings, Night Visions, searching the darkness and shadows of Advent and Christmas, by Jan L. Richardson. I was first introduced to this writer last year by my dear friend Sandy. To date, I have only skimmed the surface of this beautiful book.  The preparing of heart and mind has been a long-held tradition in my family. Growing up in the Episcopal church, liturgy and following the church calendar was part and parcel of what we practiced. Later, I kept the tradition of advent calendars and wreaths with my own children.  I am thankful that the Protestant church we attend keeps the tradition of advent alive. Each of the four Sundays of Advent, a different family, will light the candle and share a family reading.  Between now and Christmas there will be a flurry of activities, good things but things which can if we allow distract us from the making room. I look forward to reading this advent book along with other favorites. “Let every heart prepare Him room.”

    Here is just the smallest look into the shadow of Advent. 

    ” Move over the face of

    my deep,

    my darkness,

    my endless, restless chaos,

    and create, 

    O God;

    trouble me,

    comfort me,

    stir me up,

    and calm me,

    but do not cease

    to breathe

    your Spirit into 

    my wakening soul.” – Jan L Richardson