Along the Way…

  • Susan Ford
  • June 11, 2011
  • Recently, I learned a valuable lesson about doing things when you first think to do them. For four years I drove past an old one-room school house -thinking each time I really need to take a picture of that building. Imagine my heartbeak when I drove by a few weeks ago and saw that a giant oak tree had fallen and destroyed the old school! So yesterday while driving home from the beach, I took the time to stop and take pictures of the things that caught my eye! 


     The Old South still lives in Eastern North Carolina! Yesterday on the way home from the beach I stopped and took a few pictures of things that caught my attention! This plantation house was the first stop … along the way… somewhere near Maysville, NC

     Harvest is near! This barn is located just outside of Trenton, NC

    Oh the stories this old house could tell. Located in Trenton, NC – the old house no doubt holds the stories of many lives. I could spend hours thinking about the people who lived there.

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