• Susan Ford
  • May 31, 2016
  • For the last nine years – almost every school day morning has been the same. I get into my little 2005 Silver Honda CRV, start the engine, check the mirrors, and throw the car into reverse. It has NEVER been easy for me, so much so, that one morning, in year two, I backed up into a tree – a big tree – in my driveway! My car still bears the marks of that consequence of backing up.  On another day, I went to pay my car insurance, got back into my car and backed straight into a large yellow metal pylon meant to protect their sign. My car ALSO bears the mark of that incident.  My husband is amazed by this.  “Trust your mirrors, honey!” he says to me on a regular basis. “What do you mean, TRUST YOUR MIRRORS?”  I am very specific about making sure all of my windows are clear of any moisture.frost, or ice. I do look into the mirrors and have gotten some better but backing up is just hard for me.  If you look over your shoulder, you go off of the driveway. If you just look in the mirrors, it feels like backing up into the abyss.  Turn your head one way or another and you go the opposite way.  But each morning I am reminded that backing up is important. To get to where I want to go, I must first back up, look back and then when it is clear, and I reach the end of the driveway; I can move forward.

       In life, looking back can be hard, it is where we can see pain and heartache, or joys lost.  It is often the very thing we must do to move ahead.   What is it you want to move towards? A new job opportunity? A new relationship? A change in circumstance?  Before you can move forward, you must look back, and it is in the looking back that we must make corrections, stay on the path, adjust our mirrors, all before we can move forward.  Even if you are in a tight parking space, you must carefully look back, move slowly out into the traffic lane before you can move on.  What are you trusting in today?  Have you looked back and adjusted your mirrors? Have you made the corrections that need to be made?  Have you checked the blindspots?  New vehicles today have rearview cameras and alarm systems to keep you from making mistakes when backing up. The cameras are there for your protection.   In our spiritual life, the mirror is the word of God.  Using the Bible to look back at the wFullSizeRender-3ords of Scripture will help us adjust and make corrections.