Come Ye Thankful People Come…

  • Susan Ford
  • November 21, 2017
  •      As the Thanksgiving holiday approaches, I cannot help but remember when this celebration was one of the highlights of the year!  Weeks before, in school we would begin making Thanksgiving day crafts of pinecone turkeys, or pilgrim people. Our classrooms and homes became a filled with fall leaves and colors as we turned our thoughts towards Thanksgiving.  Our history lessons were steeped in the stories and lore of the first puritans and pilgrims to arrive in the new world.  And in music class, we sang the great songs and hymns of Thanksgiving.  The world had not yet begun to decorate for Christmas and Halloween was only a one-day affair with little mention other than the gathering of candy on the one night. Some traditions have changed and times certainly have, but I am grateful that we still take a day for the giving of thanks! This morning I woke up with this song on my mind – Come, Ye Thankful People, Come by Henry Alford.  As we prepare our hearts and homes for Thanksgiving, may I continue to reflect an attitude of gratitude for all I have been given.

    “Come Ye, Thankful People Come,

    Raise the song of harvest-home.

    All is safely gathered in,

    Ere the winter storms begin;

    God, our Maker, doth provide

    For our wants to be supplied:

    Come to God’s own temple, come,

    Raise the song of harvest-home.”