Don’t Be Alarmed… Step Away from the Bag!

  • Susan Ford
  • July 7, 2011
  • A few weeks ago I was most blessed to travel to the Boston area with our  youngest daughter, Jaime. This trip was Jaime’s gift to me for my birthday!  We spent the first day in Lexington / Concord, and on the second day we took the train into downtown Boston to walk the Freedom Trail.  We were not aware when we ventured out that morning that we would be sharing Boston with over 2 million Bruin fans, who had all come to town to watch the Stanley Cup parade and celebrate with their team! This made visiting the historic sites easy as most of the people were in town for the Bruins!

    We had enjoyed a great day together and we were coming to the end of the trail with only two more major stops to make. It was hot and we had been walking since about 10: 30 and it was now about 4:00 in the afternoon. 
    We arrived at the USS Constitution and couldn’t decide if we wanted to actually go on the boat and go through security or just look at it from the pier.  After a few minutes we walked to the end of the pier and took pictures of the beautiful Boston skyline. About this time we start to hear a loud, high pitched alarm. We thought it odd that no one seemed upset by the sound but kept doing whatever they were already involved with. 

    We decided to go on the boat and so we were willing to go through the tight security.  We showed our picture ids, put our purses and camera bags on the x-ray belt and walked through the metal detector. All seemed fine and we were cleared. The last member of security who checked my id said he wondered what the alarm was about but sent us through.

    When we arrived in the visitor center, we first went to the restrooms and then planned to tour the visitor center to learn more about the USS Constitution. However, all too soon a young man approached me. He was obviously an employee of the visitor center.  ” Excuse me, Mam, I think your bag is making a noise.” I told him that it wasn’t me and that my daughter and I had heard the sound outside, through security, in the restroom – and well just  everywhere! He said, ” Mam, It has been a long day and I don’t have the authority to go through your bag – but your bag is making the sound.”  I became slightly indignant and told Jaime to take him outside and show him that the noise was OUTSIDE too and in fact EVERYWHERE!  I sat down near the door and Jaime and the young man went outside!

    A minute or two later they returned. Jaime,  no doubt mortified by now, looked at me and said, “Mom – it has to be you- the noise is NOT outside NOW!” So then the young man looks at me and says, ” Mam, is it your LIFE ALERT?” I said, “Son, I may be old, but I am NOT THAT OLD!” I start digging through my camera bag and there at the very bottom was – the personal alarm and whistle that I carry when I travel alone.I had forgotten that I even had it with me. I have never used it – and the alarm cord has never come out before!! 

    I started laughing so hard … by now we had quite a crowd of people around us who thought that either I was some crazy terrorist out to destroy the USS Constitution – or just a pathetic old person!  One of the joys of getting older is that we do not find things like this to be very alarming! 🙂   I don’t think I even apologized to the poor kid! I did apologize to Jaime!  ” Don’t be alarmed Jaime, your mother is just getting old!” 🙂

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    1. Hi Nana2four!

      Thank you for a great laugh today! I've had my phone in my purse ringing and look around wondering why it's not getting answered 🙂

      I happen to go by Nana2four also! I have four beautiful grandbabies…hence the name.

      Have a wonderful day!


    2. Thanks, Nana 2 Four, for stopping by today! I was Nana 2 Four until a few weeks ago and now I am Nana 2 Six! Isn't it fun? Bless you- I will subscribe to your beautiful blog!

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